What To Know About Designing A Business Card?

A business card will help you promote your company, yourself or your brand to other people. It could be similar professionals, customers etc. But you need a well-designed card because the quality and the design can reflect on you and your company. It’s not only the design you have to consider, the card has to be printed well on quality paper. You have to choose the right printing company for this.  When it comes to business cards Perth, you have to know exactly what you want. Standard business cards come in the size of 2” x 3.5”. Even though most people print it horizontally, some print it vertically to give it a unique touch. The advantage of printing on a standard size is that it’s less expensive and it will fit in the standard business card holders. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t deviate from that size. You are welcome to choose a different size as long as it is something that is easy for another person to carry. It doesn’t even have to be a rectangle. It could be any custom shape. Make sure that it is not too complex because sometimes the pointy edges can get bent out of shape. Because you need to remember, this is something another person will carry in their wallet. Don’t make it too cumbersome.

There are printing companies that specialise in official paperwork such as spot uv business cards nyc . You can ask them for some input on the shapes and sizes as well. There are foldable business cards as well. You have to consider the material on which you’re printing as well. Most business cards are printed on paper cardstock that has a variety of weights, colours and different textures. What we refer to as card stock is any paper that has a weight between 50lbs and 110lbs. You shouldn’t choose a very thin card as it may crumple very easily. Having some weight would make it look a little more professional.

Then there’s the colour of the raised business cards NYC. You may have seen that generally they are either white or cream coloured. You are allowed to use any colour you need, however. But there is a matter of tastefulness that has to be considered when you put colour. A business card with a riot of colour will not exactly look formal. There are subtle colourings that you can use to give your card a unique touch. You can also choose different textures be it rough, glossy, matte or a combination of them. You can also add a water resistant coating or a UV protective coating to make your card a little more durable.